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1911 Barrel Relief Cut | Extractor Slot | 1911 Barrels

1911 Barrel Relief Cut | Extractor Slot | 1911 Barrels


What is a 1911 Barrel extractor relief cut? In the video, we will show why you may consider getting an extractor relief cut on your 1911 barrel. This makes for easy fitting of a 1911 barrel and may help with any issues you are having when fitting your 1911 barrel to your 1911 slide.


What is The 1911 Barrel Extractor Slot?

The 1911 barrel extractor slot is a relief cut made on the barrel when your extractor is causing interference with the barrel. When the extractor is hitting the ledge on the back of the barrel it can cause binding and unwanted lock up problems in the 1911 pistol. The 1911 barrel extractor slot elminates this issue. When you cut the extractor slot relief cut in the 1911 barrel you are adding clearance to the barrel for the extractor elminating the possible problems you could face when fitting a new barrel.

1911 Barrel Extractor Slot

Do I Need And Extractor Slot?

If your extractor is protuding past the ledge in your slide you will want to add the extractor slot to your 1911 barrel.

Key Points

  • When fitting a new 1911 barrel always start with only the slide and barrel.
  • Fit the barrel without extractor installed in your slide.
  • Install extractor and determine if it is interfering with barrel lock up.
  • If extractor is causing interferance with barrel you will want the extractor slot
  • If dont have the proper tools to mill the extractor slot in your 1911 barrel simply check if your extractor is protruding past the ledge in your slide and have Fusion Firearms mill your barrel before shipping.





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So this is a question that we get asked a lot! It's about the extractor relief cut in the back of the barrel. You can see the little relief cut. This is something that you might need, you might not. As you can see we're working on a customer slide, here the extractor is protruding a little bit outside of the slide. Now whenever you're fitting the barrel you don't want the extractor installed because as you can see, pointing to the breech face here that's typically going to be your fitting point. That and the two ledges on the inside of the barrel and with your extractor installed it'll kind of interfere potentially and cause you issues while you're fitting so make sure that that's out typically when if you put your Barrel in and you put have the extractor in there after you're done fitting you'll see a little gray mark where Bob's pointing here and then that's where you would put the extractor relief cut that relief cut makes it so that there's no binding and the barrel fits in there exactly how it's supposed to.


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