The Vault

Discover the allure of exclusivity at Fusion Firearms' Vault, where mastery meets metal. Here, our legacy of craftsmanship unveils a collection of custom 1911 pistols, limited-run 1911s, and elite shotguns, each piece reflecting a blend of timeless tradition and innovative engineering. The Vault isn't just a showcase, but a testament to Fusion Firearms' relentless pursuit of perfection, offering firearms aficionados a chance to own a slice of gunsmithing artistry. Every trigger pull, a narrative of precision, every detail, a hallmark of our dedication to the craft. Welcome to the Vault, where your exclusive firepower journey begins.

  1. 1911 Pistol - "Shadowfall" Reaction - 45 ACP 1911 Pistol - "Shadowfall" Reaction - 45 ACP
  2. 1911 Pistol - "Stealth Shadow" NCOM - 45 ACP 1911 Pistol - "Stealth Shadow" NCOM - 45 ACP
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  3. Liberty Series - Bali (Bronze) Liberty Series - Bali (Bronze)
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