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A survey conducted back in 2018 titled ‘the Small Arms Survey’ revealed that the United States has the largest population of individuals owning a firearm per 100 residents. With the increased number of gun owners in the country, understanding how to handle a handgun has become a priority. Basic information, such as what a slide lock is, may help you ensure proper use of a firearm while keeping you safe.

What are slide stops?

After expending all the rounds in your firearm, you must stop to reload. A slide stop is the mechanism or firearm piece that indicates that your firearm has no more ammunition. The lock retains the Slide to the rear once you empty the magazine or there are no more bullets. A slide stop keeps the frame of the firearm on the gun whenever the frame goes to the battery. It stops the frame from sliding off and falling. At the same time, the slide lock acts as a camming surface, sliding the barrel into position on the Slide. Plus, you must keep the lock in place if intending to get the barrel out of the Slide.

In short, a slide lock indicates when to reload your gun. But, the stop can become a hindrance as it exacerbates wear and tear. Always keep the remaining rounds in mind for better gun handling and maintenance. Change or reload your gun before firing the last round.

What is the function of the slide release?

Some firearm users refer to a slide lock as a slide release. However, the two have different functions. A slide release aids you in releasing the Slide. Once the Slide is removed, getting the chamber rounds is easy. The slide stop, on the other hand, stops the Slide and the frame, holding it in place.

A slide release button efficiently aids gun users to close the Slide fast after a reload or a magazine chance. A simple maneuver, the slide release helps to open or close the Slide, to load or pick a new round.

How does a 1911 slide stop working?

A small tab or a lever is visible on your 1911 fusion firearm. The small level fits perfectly into a notch present on the Slide. Suppose you pull the lever back, and the liver lines up with the notch. Once you push the lever in, you lock or open the Slide. This small lever is what many define or name the Slide Lock.

So, how exactly did it work in a 1911 Fusion Firearm?

A slide lock is a safety measure. In a 1911 Fusion firearm, a slide look prevents the frame from running through the inertia and off the Slide.

A slide lock opens, indicating that the firearm is out of rounds. You need to point the gun in a safe direction. Go ahead and remove the gun’s magazine for inspection. Proceed to remove the Slide and press the lock open. Check whether rounds are remaining. If not, go ahead and load more rounds onto your firearm.

What are the different Slide stops provided by Fusion Firearms?

Fusion firearms offer quite a vast collection of gun slide stops. An example is the extended slide lock. The extended slide lock is perfect for a Glock from Fusion Firearms gun collection. The extended design makes it easy to strip, clean, and maintain your Glock. The extra inches on either side are easy to operate, minimizing contact with other parts of the firearm, including the holsters.

Other slide lock options to choose from at Fusion firearms include: Sure slide lock Standard slide lock Short paddle slide lock Thin paddle slide lock Wide paddle slide lock


Conclusion The key to maximizing the potential of a firearm is maintenance and proper usage. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on engaging and disengaging a slide lock or release. Fusion firearms allow you to send your firearm for fitting or send you instructions with your purchase. You can also call us for more information at 914-485-2579. you don't need any special paperwork to purchase a slide lock or any other gun accessory from Fusion Firearms unless you are buying a serialized item such as a frame or complete firearm.

But if you are looking for the best slide locks to match any Firearm in the US, visit fusion firearms today and make your purchase!

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