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The Feed Ramp On A 1911 | 1911 Feeding Ep.4

The Feed Ramp On A 1911 | 1911 Feeding Ep.4


In this video, we will cover the options you have when dealing with a worn or over-polished 1911 feed ramp. Thanks for watching and as always have a great day from the Fusion Firearms Family!!!

Solving Feeding Issues in Your 1911 Pistol: The Benefits of a Ramp Barrel

Proper feeding of ammunition is essential for the reliable performance of your 1911 pistol. When the feed ramp, a critical component that helps guide ammunition from the magazine into the barrel, is not functioning correctly, it can lead to a range of issues such as misfires, jams, and failures to feed.

In this video, we discuss common problems with feed ramps and offers solutions for maintaining smooth feeding in your 1911. One issue that may arise is when the feed ramp has been poorly modified, either through over-zealous use of a dremel tool or through incorrect welding and angle adjustments. These modifications can alter the shape and smoothness of the feed ramp, disrupting the proper feeding of ammunition into the barrel.

One solution for addressing a malfunctioning feed ramp is to replace the frame. However, this can be a costly and time-consuming option. An alternative solution is to install a ramped barrel, which has an integral feed ramp that can help to fix feeding issues. There are two main types of ramped barrels to choose from: the Wilson Nolan cut and the Para Clark cut. The Wilson Nolan cut has a straight wall at the front and a square top, while the Para Clark cut has a 3/8 radius at the front and a radius at the back.

Using a ramped barrel can be an effective way to address feeding issues and prevent problems with the performance of your 1911 pistol. It's important to note that aluminum frame feed ramps, while commonly used, are more prone to wear and may eventually crack or break through the hard coat. This can lead to issues with the gun's performance and may require costly repairs. To avoid these problems, it is recommended to use a ramped barrel with steel frames that have damaged feed ramps, and to always use a ramped barrel with aluminum frames. In our opinion, aluminum feed ramps should be avoided altogether due to their tendency to wear and potentially cause issues with the 1911 pistol performance. By opting for a ramped barrel, you can ensure smooth feeding of ammunition and avoid potential problems with your 1911 pistol, particularly if you have an aluminum frame or a damaged feed ramp.

While installing a ramped barrel is a relatively simple process that can be performed by a skilled gunsmith, it is not recommended for DIY enthusiasts to attempt it at home. This is because the process requires specialized tools and machines that may not be readily available to the average person. Even if you have access to the necessary tools, attempting to install a ramped barrel without the proper training and expertise can lead to poor results and potentially even damage to the frame, requiring it to be scrapped. It is always best to leave this type of work to the professionals to ensure a successful outcome and maintain the integrity of your 1911 pistol.

Overall, feed ramp issues can be easily addressed through the use of a ramped barrel, which can save the need to completely replace the frame. By ensuring a smooth transition from the feed ramp to the barrel, proper feeding of ammunition can be maintained in your 1911 pistol. This is essential for the reliable performance of your 1911 and can help to avoid costly and time-consuming repairs in the future.


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Full Transcript

okay folks uh bob from fusion here again we're uh going to be rolling now on uh more of our 1911 feeding and the issues we come across and and see and how to kind of address those issues uh this one's going to be the feed ramp okay so you'll you'll notice this pistol here this feed ramp's fine  but with the thousands and thousands of guns that we we work on for different services and different upgrades and things for for folks  we'll come across ones that  somebody bought a used gun and somebody over jealously  dremeled the feed ramp and got it all screwed up or  you'll find some of the older guns from years past where people would weld these areas up uh and try to redo the angles and everything and they're not right  so again  we have people that call in and so oh my i screwed my frame up i got to buy a brand new frame and yeah if you want to buy a brand new frame that's fine we'll sell you one but  you can really take care of this by  a poor feed ramp by putting in a ramp barrel most steel frames whether they're carbon or stainless  the bullet geometry is not going to wear a feed ramp really  some people all you'll you'll see and they'll say oh  this used gun it's it's a good gun but feed ramps worn well other than an aluminum frame you shouldn't see any real noticeable wear on a on a feed ramp other than  somebody's uh gotten in there with it with a dremel tool and did a little bit of over polishing in that so  the aluminum frame guns in my opinion i wouldn't even build one uh without a ramp barrel  because i mean now with that we have the technology and ramp barrels are pretty easy to come by  you'll see aluminum feed ramps at times will be all dug up from hollow points or  some type of bullet that's at  nose geometry that's really it will wear the aluminum even if they hard coat it you'll end up seeing it crack eventually or break through the hard coat and then it just becomes uh  a problem you try to polish the hard coat you're gonna have issues because a hard coat is  very very thin it's usually  seven tenths or something like that it's very very very thin so again  these areas here are critical for feeding the feed ramp  being a smooth transition up into the barrel and if you end up with one that's kind of butchered up the best way to care for that is  again either replace the frame or i i suggest going with a ramped barrel and and put a ramped uh feed cut into your pistol if you like your pistol so what does that mean  well what does that mean is i have here uh one i just cut today on on the mill and you'll see that where the feed ramp used to be it's all gone  so all this area here has been milled out ledge down here has been put in and this isn't blasted or anything yet i just pulled this off the mill uh an hour ago so  you're just going to see the different shine down in here what it does and then what what are you going to do well you're going to you're going to use a a ramped barrel such as this and this is a wilson nolan cut you also have the para clark cut so there's two different cuts and we also have some videos on those in our barrel videos to show you the difference and then again you'll notice that the feed ramp is integral to the barrel so again it's going to take care of that issue of your your poor your poor feed ramp and again you just link this up and fit it as a regular barrel and uh  that'll fit right in there nicely again this is just a raw barrel so again it's it's there's going to be some some fitting that has to be done here but  you get the idea of what i'm what i'm trying to explain here that again you don't have to scrap the whole frame unless it's totally butchered up you can just go with a ramp barrel cut like this cut again is a wilson nolan style you can tell it has a has a straight wall down in the front and it kind of it looks like a square from the top but the uh para clark will be a more of like a 3 8 radius that goes down in here and uh the back is like a radius so you can you can distinctively tell that and again i also have more more videos of uh of of these out there on the barrels and things and we can actually  put in a few close-ups so you can understand what's going on there but i generally suggest if you like the pistol to just go with a ramp cut and  if you need to  a lot of people say well which one should i choose i chose the the wilson nolan or the para clark and again that's more personal preference i kind of like the the wilson nolan a little bit better but the para clark is is very good also and widely acceptable everywhere and also again if you have aluminum frames aluminum alloy frames um  you it's it's it's definitely suggested if you start having issues because there's no way to really polish the feed ramp on an aluminum frame without removing  any of the finishing the hard coat that's trying to protect the aluminum and and again i'm not against aluminum frames i love aluminum frames they're tough they're tough frames but again just design wise i would always build it with a with a ramped barrel so okay so that's again uh one of our steps in our feeding of the 1911 and some of the things you might come up against and again thank you for watching and we'll be back again with some more fusion firearms

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