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The newest shotgun line on the market! Fusion Firearms has come out with the Liberty Series Shotgun line! This has been a project that has been on the bucket list for the Fusion Team. We are excited to show you what we aim to bring to the table for our customers with full support! Support means you can buy upgradeable parts, accessories, and sights directly from the manufacturer. If that's not enough you get a limited lifetime warranty!

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Full Transcript

hi folks bob from fusion why shotguns a lot of people are asking me okay bob why why do you want to bring on a shotgun line into fusion one one it's uh kind of on my bucket list there's one thing that like i i've said in other videos that uh  i grew up on a farm on my uncle's farm close to my uncle's farm within a mile less than a mile and all we could use a shotgun there uh so  my whole life i grew up hunting with shotguns  sometimes 22s sometimes rifles for  woodchucks and stuff but  deer hunting and and turkey and all that we had to use bear we had to use shotguns at that time  and even when i moved to upstate new york   when i got my first first job real job if you want to call it i he had to use shotgun there was there was no so we we grew up on slugs and buckshot and  uh things of that nature so  that  some of that has changed where a lot of the upstate areas you can use rifle now and things but  that's that's one reason the other reason is i have a real passion for shotguns they're a lot of fun there's a few things that are really  to go out and do some skeet shooting with your family or go out and do trap shooting with your family it's an awful lot of fun we enjoy that we'll eventually be shooting some videos when we're over here doing sporting clays and that and uh you guys can enjoy it watching it with us also  we're looking at  some some real specific purpose shotguns some that will be more more tactical in nature  you can still use it for deer hunting or pigs or  bore but  again great home defense uh product and for us much easier to manufacture also so again it expands fusion and also gives us a broader marketplace for our distribution and things of that nature so there's also  it's not just bob like shotguns there's also logistics reasons one to grow the company and two to feel fill voids   people say well there's all these different shotguns out there yeah there is but very few are being supported and what do i mean by that very few have  there's there's maybe i could count on maybe one hand maybe maybe a hand and a half of companies out there that actually have service for their products actually have extra barrel assemblies for their products actually have  extra parts and components and things of that nature do special additions and things so  we do also see a big void in the marketplace for a quality shotgun line and we've we've put a lot of time we've been working for over a year now probably now a year and close to oh my three four months designing these shotguns and getting them just the way we like them and we have them out on test uh we have ata shooters out shooting one of these valleys we have other people that are out the people i know that hunt that go out for deer hunting with like the tope or the the goblin here and we have we have right now uh i believe it's 12 models and of those 12 models we actually have five specific that will be launching in january and one of our distributors actually wants more than five they want like 11 of them so we'll actually be doing a video on every style of shotgun why i designed it that way  and the uses for it there will be uh pump actions there'll be semi-autos and there's also going to be some mag fed shotguns also  and again if you guys have suggestions out there  we love our we love our audience and we love our customer base and  we get a lot of good suggestions from our customer base that  bob i like this but i'd rather have these type of sites on it yeah that makes that makes good sense so again we're looking at all those type of things and and again these shotguns as we do it they're not stripped down you're not buying this a stripped-down shotgun with a bead site on it every one of them is equipped with  really good sights like this is the this is the tope the tope i really set up at least in in this barrel length for uh deer bear and boar hunting  it makes a great brush gun 18 and a half inch it's got a dovetailed front ramp sight fiber optic fiber optic fully adjustable rear you've got dovetail on on the receiver so you can put optics on it again just set up and some nice walnut wood and  i i understand in some circumstances people just want the polymer stocks and that's great  we'll be doing that too but one reason i like the wood on on many of the guns is  one of the one of the first guns i i probably told a story in one of the videos but one of the first guns i ever bought that i saved up enough money for was a winchester model 20 in 20 gauge and  it was a single shot break break action and when i bought that gun i was so proud to own that gun why it had some nice wood on it it fit me well it shot well and  you sure it was a single shot it was a simplistic shotgun but  i was still proud to own that and when i left that store  i i felt good about that i bought this and that's one thing that i'm trying to do with the shotguns here also if you look at the bali and how beautiful it is with the engraving and the fusion logo and side plates and we're going to be taking this on to some other special editions and that and  the guns aren't stripped down they're they're they're made so that you even if you have a closet full of guns and you're looking at the rack and you say oh that's plastic that's plastic that's plastic and oh what's this so  even for the person that that has a lot of firearms this is something that is still attractive as a purchase it's not just a tool so  again we're taking it in a little different direction uh we're we're trying to make uh  different models for specific uses and again if you guys have any suggestions  we'd love to hear them but we're going to expand the shotgun line it will be coming out in january we'll be taking orders in a few weeks here so we'll be starting to take orders we'll be actually starting to even take pre-orders on the valley for low serial numbers with the fusion logo on it uh and that that'll be uh also and it's already up on the website uh and will be i think it has to be released on the website yet but it's all this is ready to go so we'll have all the models up for you to look at  and if you do have any questions or something  send us an email we'd  love to hear from you on it but distribution will start getting these in the end of january and february for retail sales so again if you got any comments in that we'd really like to hear from you and uh thank you very much for keying in and listening have a great day