Best Ambidextrous Handguns For Left Handed Shooters

Fusion Firearms 1911's: A Versatile Option for Left-Handed Shooters

Fusion Firearms' 1911 series is a standout choice for left-handed shooters. These pistols are not only high-performing and user-friendly, but they can also be upgraded from the factory with an ambi thumb safety. This feature is especially appreciated by left-handed shooters as it makes handling the pistol more intuitive and comfortable. The 1911 series comes in various calibers and configurations, meeting a wide range of needs. With the added option for factory upgrades, it showcases Fusion Firearms' commitment to creating inclusive and customizable firearms. In summary, the Fusion Firearms' 1911 series is a versatile and inclusive firearm, making it an excellent addition to our Ambidextrous Handgun List.

Best 1911's For Left Handed Shooters

Fusion Firearms goes a step further in user convenience by offering factory upgrades directly through their website. As part of your purchase process, you can effortlessly customize your 1911 pistol to include an ambidextrous thumb safety. This feature caters specifically to left-handed shooters, enhancing their user experience by providing a pistol that's tailored to their needs. All this can be accomplished with a few clicks, simplifying the path to owning a superior, personalized firearm.


Ambidextrous Handgun List

You might be wondering what an ambidextrous handgun is. An ambidextrous pistol is the equalizer of guns and is nondiscriminatory to whatever hand you use. This firearm can operate with either your right or left hand. Continue reading this blog and peruse our site to get more clarity on the ambidextrous gun.

What are the different types of ambidextrous handguns available in the market?

There are many types of ambidextrous handguns in the market. There are revolvers, pistols, tactical handguns, and customized handguns. Here are 5 of the best in the market:

1. Heckler & Koch VP9

Heckler and Koch is a manufacturing company in Germany that produces semi-automatic handguns. Their VP9 is famous for its design, adjustable grip, and ability to customize its controls. You can add lights or lasers to suit your needs. These ambidextrous controls make it easy for you to control with either your left or right hand. The VP9’S magazine catch has a horizontal sliding button, making it accessible for left-handed shooters because you only need to reverse the magazine catch to access it.

2. The Glock 19 gen 5

The Glock 19 Gen 5 is a semi-automatic pistol that appeared first on the market in the 1980s, and since then, it has been one of the most popular firearms in the world. Over time it has gotten several upgrades, such as improvement on the trigger and a modular back strap that allows you to customize the grip.

One of the reasons it is the best semi-automatic pistol is because it has ambidextrous gun controls. For example, it has a slide-stop lever, and you can operate the magazine release with either hand. Also, its flared magazines allow for faster reloads, which is why law enforcers and civilians popularly use it.

3. The Beretta APX

The Beretta APX is also a semi-auto pistol manufactured in Italy. It is a recent firearm, first introduced into the market in 2016. What makes the Berretta APX unique is that it is concealable when you carry it. Other features include its modular design, and you can customize how the pistol feels and fits because it has interchangeable group panels and backstraps.

It has a slide-stop lever, and you can efficiently operate the magazine release with either your left or right hand. It is easy to use, comes in various sizes, and is perfect for law enforcers and civilians.

4. The CZ P-07

The CZ P-07 is a semi-automatic pistol that came into the market in 2009 and is available in 9mm and .40 S&W calibers. It has a snag-free design and a low profile, meaning that you can carry it without paying attention to yourself. Its ambidextrous control features include a slide-stop lever that you can operate with your thumb or hand. Also, the magazine release is easy to work with either hand, and the grip is comfortable.

Lastly, its duty model has night sights meaning you can aim in the dark.

5. The IWI Masada

The IWI Masada is a semi-automatic pistol from an Israeli manufacturer. It offers handgun ambidexterity, has an ergonomic design, is accurate, comes from the most advanced nation technologically, and is reliable.

The Masada has two seventeen-round magazines with a base pad and a backstrap and is lightweight. You can efficiently operate it with both hands; its light weight and size make it easily concealable.

The IWI Masada is strongly built, easy to maintain, and can carry out military tasks.

Benefits of Ambidextrous Handguns

If you are right-handed, you might wonder, “why should I settle for an ambidextrous firearm when I can get a normal rifle?” However, there are many ambidextrous handgun benefits for various reasons. Here are some:

It is Cost Effective

If your household has someone left-handed, you will not have to buy another rifle, and you can share your gun with them. Therefore, saving you money.


Ambidextrous guns are safer because they are easier to install, and you can operate them quickly and efficiently, even in high-pressure situations. Also, you can install most of these ambidextrous parts in minutes.

Improve Shooting Skills

You can use ambidextrous handguns to improve your shooting skills. These guns allow you to practice shooting with either hand and increase your versatility as a shooter.

It also allows you to train your non-dominant hand to use it in an emergency.

They will Increase Your confidence.

Imagine having the ability to use both your dominant and non-dominant hands to shoot. Handgun ambidexterity will give you more confidence in your shooting skills. Also, it allows left-handed people to train and, therefore, can be confident shooters.

Increased Accessibility

The last of the ambidextrous pistol benefits is that it is convenient to use your firearm from both sides. If you are a law enforcer and acquire an injury or a sprain on your dominant hand, you can use your other hand.

Also, you are in better control of your rifle because practicing with an ambidextrous gun will improve your stability. Lastly, ambidextrous guns allow everyone to operate a firearm, including people with disabilities or limited dexterity in one hand.

How to Choose Which Ambidextrous Pistol Fits Your Needs?

With the number of ambidextrous guns in the market, you may wonder which one is the perfect one for you. However, the right thing is to pick out a weapon that fits you and your needs. Here are several things to consider before you choose your firearm:


The first question you need to answer is “why?” why are you buying the gun, and what will you do with it? Do you want to use it for self-defense, as a hobby, or for concealed carry?

If you are buying for self-defense at home, then the size will not matter, but if you are buying for a hobby or concealed carry, you need to consider the size because you want something easy to carry and handle.


You want to get a caliber that you feel is most comfortable for shooting. If you are a beginner, do not go for an ambidextrous gun that will intimidate you. For example, some people find the 9mm difficult, while others find it easy. Get yourself a gun you will have the most control over.


Everyone has an opinion over which ambidextrous gun is the best. Although, if you want to pick out the best, check reviews from former buyers. What are people saying about that revolver or pistol? If you can work with something, go ahead and buy it.

Price Guns cost differently. The prices vary because of the manufacturers and their reliability. Buy a firearm that suits your budget. Also, be careful not to buy a too-cheap gun. Get a weapon that you will use safely and last a while.

When you buy, check how easy or cheap the upgrades and spare parts cost.


An ambidextrous gun is an inclusive firearm. You can use it with either left or right-handed people meaning that it allows for more accessibility, safety, and improved shooting skills, and it can save you money. Before you get one, consider your purpose, comfort, and budget. Check our website for reliable and affordable ambidextrous guns that suit your needs.


How do you load an ambidextrous handgun?

Loading an ambidextrous gun varies depending on the model you are using.

How do they differ from regular handguns?

You can use ambidextrous guns with either the left or right hand, which are flexible.

When was the first ambidextrous handgun made?

The first ambidextrous handgun was revealed in 1812 by London’s Boss &co

Why are there so many ambidextrous handgun models on the market?

The increase in these models is because the demand for guns has increased. They are versatile, they have a competitive advantage, and technology has made it easier and more affordable to make ambidextrous guns.