2011 vs 1911 Pistols, What's the Difference?

What is a 2011 Pistol? The 2011 is a 1911 colt pistol with a few modifications but mainly it's a 1911 pistol with a  "double stack" magazine.


What Is a 2011 Pistol?

The 2011 pistol is an updated model of the 1911 colt pistol that features a wider mag-well area to accommodate a double-stack magazine. The 2011 is made by many companies, including Staccato, Rock Island Armory, Nighthawk Custom, Wilson Combat, Dan Wesson, and many others. Double stack 1911 pistols, also known as the 2011, can hold 13 to 21 rounds compared to the average of 7 to 10 rounds on most standard 1911 colt pistols. You would want a 2011 pistol over the 1911 colt pistol for higher capacity or more bullets.



The 2011 pistol, also known as the wide-body 1911 pistol, is the "updated" version of the 1911 colt pistol and is the same besides a few differences. The 2011 has a wider mag-well area for the double stack magazine. The 2011 also comes in a few variations. The 2011 pistol frame comes in 2 different models. One has a modular grip area that attaches to the frame, while the other is one piece. You also have many variations in the material used for the grip area: Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and plastic. The 2011 pistol will also have a 2011 trigger or double-stack trigger, which features a broader trigger bow to accommodate the wider magazine. Also, because of the wider grip area, the 2011 needs a longer magazine catch or 2011 magazine catch. Some models of the 2011 pistol have a mag-well main spring housing mag-well, which will call for parts different from the 1911 colt pistol models.



  • Frame (Wider-Magwell)
  • 2011 Trigger (Wider Bow)
  • Magazine Catch (Longer)
  • Magazines
  • Mainspring housing with mag-well and pin
  • Grips
  • Grip Screws


  • Larger Magazine Capacity
  • Larger Grip recoilthsetics
  • Less recoil on heavier models
  • Lighter (When using plastic modular grip)


  • Not suitable for conceal and carry
  • More maintenance than striker fire pistols
  • Not as easy to disassemble compared to striker-fire pistols
  • Not very many options under $2000


So you may come across information on the 2011 that makes specific claims about reliability, ease of use, recoil, etc. The 2011 is not more reliable than the 1911. People may be experiencing that the 2011 is typically a higher-end pistol and competition fit. All of the main components related to the pistol's function are down to the fitment of the gun. So 1911 and 2011 have the same potential to be highly reliable. Ease of use is the same, besides a few minor details regarding disassembly. Lastly, recoil depends on the style of the grip area; if the grip is steel and on the heavier side, you may have less recoil than the 1911, but if it is a plastic grip area, you may have more recoil. This may  also be a plus if you have big hands because you will have a better grip on the pistol.




The 2011 pistol takes the iconic 1911 colt pistol and adds a modern twist. It still uses all the same components with a few minor changes to accommodate the double-stack magazine. The 2011 is a great option when you love the 1911 pistol but want a higher capacity.




2011 vs 1911 Pistols, What's the Difference?

Discussing the difference between the STI Wide Body style and the 1911 style pistols. Any questions you have leave them down in the comments. We will be happy to answer any of your questions! Thanks a lot and have a GREAT DAY from Fusion!Step into the future with us on this video and enjoy this custom 1911 that has recently come out of the shop!

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